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The DACA program is still in place. Pending cases should continue to be approved, at least for the next six months. It appears that Trump is giving Congress six months to create legislation that permanently authorizes the DACA program. If Congress fails to act, it could mean that Trump would end the program. However, if Congress does act, the result could potentially be better in the end. Congress now has the opportunity to not only create federal law legalizing the DACA program, but to also include a direct path for DACA-based green cards and citizenship. This means that DACA recipients could potentially apply for a green card after a certain period of time, instead of perpetually renewing their work permit. It also means that whatever laws Congress passes cannot be undone via executive order in the future. Trump will not be able to change his mind later if he signs Congress' new law.

Trump is signaling to Congress that he is willing and expecting to sign a new DACA-based law in the next six months. What he wants in exchange is probably the Wall. Considering that the vast majority of voters, business owners, republicans, independents and democrats are not opposed to DACA, it is also possible for Congress to create a veto-proof law by rounding up a supermajority of Congressional votes. Now is the time to pressure every senator and every representative to enact legislation that protects the DACA program. We can do this. With enough pressure, we can make the outcome better than the current DACA program.

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